A Bit Moody

Jump into a lake.

A break is not coming.

The same, most likely,

Hate to tell you.

Bust a move.

At least, it won’t cost you.

Do you sense

The bitter unrest

Brewing in the balcony,

The test is the best

There is to offer.

I know the truth

On the underside.

The tide is taken,

A steaming staple,

A closing tunnel,

Running in circles

To tell the time,

Rhyming despite yourself.

Could it be

That time is ticking quietly?

You are the one

Who gives the go ahead.

You put it all together,

Earning a rubber ducky.

Brimming to the edge,

Out on a ledge.

See the end coming,

A million miles an hour,

Straight to the top.

Put it on the flyer.

No, I’m not a liar.

It’s mine, it’s fine,

It’s like the kind

Of thing you see

In the movies.

In the end,

It gets a bit moody.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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