A Lonely Night

Covered up my head

On a cold night,

One of the first few

After your spirit

Left your body.

It is a good thing

To move on,

But somehow I’m stuck,

Running that tape

Over and over

In my head.

The shock, the horror,

Mixed with relief,

That your suffering is over.

I have to believe

That you’re in a

Better place now.

Maybe sitting beside

God’s throne,

Cracking jokes, and

Commenting sarcastically

On new arrivals

To heaven.

You will be a unique

And rare addition

To the spiritual world,

A dreamer and a comic,

Just like you’ve been

So long on earth.

I wish that more people

Had known you,

But that was not your way,

Always preferring

To be out of the spotlight,

Nursing that private pain

And regret for so long,

Just surviving,

Until even that

Was too much to bear.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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