The Story

Do you know the story

Of the child born a king?

It’s a tale that’s very old

A religious sort of thing.

God gave us his son

To save the world for him.

In a gesture of love

He gave his life to pay for sin.

He was born in a manger.

Not a kingly sort of thing.

Now he reigns on high

While we await him on wing.

The end of time will bring

A new life in him.

And we will be redeemed

With the earth and all that’s his.


Coming Soon

Going there

As best I can.

Watching out

For detours from the plan.

Looking around

For somebody else

Wondering when

It came down to myself.

Standing here

On the bullseye.

Wishing I

Could just take off and fly.

Why don’t we

Hold hands and run

Around the yard, yeah,

Let’s have some fun.

Gather near,

And bend your ear.

Come in close

No worries, here.

Don’t you think

It is the best

To have a meal,

Then lay down and rest?

Christmas time

Is almost here

Make your list

And never fear,

Santa’s coming

In a few.

Hope you’ve been good.

That’s nothing new.


Crisis apple vogue embellish forte balance

Gift arrangement qualify township talent

Barbiturate move endangered belief want

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