Loving Life

Cruising down the highway,

With my baby at my side.

There’s no other way

I’d rather spend my day.

No other person

Can take her place.

Oh, to hold her hand

And kiss her face.

We’re a pair of lovebirds

Sitting in a tree.

We’re a couple of puppies

Playing chase, running free.

Can you see the fun we’re having?

Can you tell we’re loving life?

Will you wish us well?

Will you follow our example?

Come along, enjoy the ride.

Goofy when you’re by my side.

It’s the time to let loose.

It’s our chance to cuss and discuss.

Let’s be carefree.

Let’s do it simply.

You are my friend.

This is how we’re meant to be.

Christmas Time

It’s time for cookies

And presents

And hot chocolate

And snow

And laughter

So get out your boots

And your jacket

And go outside

And make a snowman!

Send out Christmas cards

And decorate with lights

And a Christmas tree.

Sing Christmas carols

And watch Rudolph on TV.

It only comes round

Once a year,

So enjoy it

While it lasts!

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder

If all they say is true,

If Jesus is really God.

If God really cares.

Sometimes, it seems,

Bad things happen

To good people.

Life doesn’t seem fair.

It’s all so overwhelming.

But then there’s times

When I sense that

Someone’s out there,

Looking out for me

And those I love.

Sometimes, it seems,

God intervenes.

He decides to help

A bad situation go better,

Or something good

To come out of it.

It’s hard to prove,

But it’s just as hard

To disbelieve

When the miraculous happens.

I choose faith, hope

And love, over

Whatever else.

It’s the best for all.