Love, and a New Life

Love means

A new life

In the making,

A fresh start, with hope,

A dream.

Another chance

To make a difference.

A companion

In this journey

On our own narrow path

Of joy and sorrow.

I believe in God,

But I pray for more faith.

I’m always short

When the going gets rough.

Couldn’t we all

Use a little extra help

From an all powerful,

Infinite being?

I pray for protection.

I pray for grace,

And mercy, and forgiveness,

And God gives freely

When we ask him,

Out of an honest,

Pure heart,

Full of love and faith.

I do want

To be free

Of all that God despises,

But it seems it chases me,

Everywhere I go.

I want to escape

This broken world.

It seems so hard,


One lovely day

It will happen,

I’m sure.

One day we will become

All of that which we dream.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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