Quantum Husband

Accelerating, slowing, stopping,

All in a matter of seconds.

Will the guy behind me stop?

We’re at a stop light,

So I start texting my wife back.

She wants to know

Where I am at all times,

And what I’m doing.

I forgot to text her

Before I left work early,

And I also need to tell her why.

I often look up to check the light,

Just in case the guy behind me

Sees it change before I do,

And gets impatient that I don’t take off

At light speed as soon as it changes.

Will he honk his horn,

Or, worse, will he step on the gas pedal

Before I do?

I don’t want to be the unwilling

Participant of road rage, right now.

I hurry up, all the while,

Filling up with anxiety

About what might happen.

This is a regular occurrence for me,

A risky one, I know,

Even if I only do it when (I hope)

The traffic is stopped.

Maybe I shouldn’t.

Then again, how risky is it

Not to return my wife’s texts

As soon as possible?

The quantum gravity

Of that mass is about

As heavy as it gets,

For this husband!