Discovering the Beauty of Life

My soul lingers

On the beauty of life.

Other hearts beat

Inside my own.

Truth begins

In a conversation.

Love spreads

From their spirit

To mine.

Can I discover

The beautiful tapestry

That weaves us both together?

I want to know.

I need their truths.

I need a connection

To soothe my aching

Body and soul.

Let us begin

To recognize

There is much to be gained

In bridging the chasms

That are really illusions

Birthed by our fears.

We are only trying

To survive

Amidst the insanity

Of our childish monsters.

How we are treated

Does not determine

Our future life

Anymore than we allow,

For we decide

How much our nightmares

Grip us in their piercing claws.

It is our choice,

Whether or not

We embrace the salvation

All around us,

Filling our lungs

Full of crisp, clean air,

No more a prisoner

In the suffocating dungeons

That we create,

In the castles of fear,

Surrounded by walls of protection,

Isolated by moats of distance,

Guarded by sentries of delusion,

Defended by any means possible.

We must embrace

The wisdom before us,

If we want to discover

The beauty of life.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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