Being Vessels

Meager messages belittle life,

Underestimate the power of truth,

Insult the potential of creativity.

Are we required to follow

The textual translations

Of the words we read in scripture,

In our creations of art?

Of course not.

We have the freedom

To express ourselves

In whatever ways

Our creativity leads us.

The truths we live by

Will influence everything we do,

And as artists,

This will include our works of art.

In addition,

Truth can be discovered

In a multitude of ways.

Scripture is just one

(To some) obvious way.

Nature, conversation,

And life experience are others.

We have to be open,

All the time,

To whatever way

Truth can be discovered.

And we also have to be open

To whatever way

It passes through us

To others.

As artists, and, really,

As human beings,

We are vessels

For truth, justice and love.

May we be effective vessels

To change the world around us

For the better.