Losing Our Minds

Drip, drip. I sit, a fit coming on.

I don’t seem to fit in this slot.

Circumstances seem to favor me,

Occasionally, and yet I don’t feel

Comfortable. Like a slow torture,

Like trying to sleep in a storm,

Without the rain, without anything,

But my confounded brain,

Sensing storms that don’t exist,

On land as peaceful as can be,

At least until I hear the news,

Of other places, from other people,

Of all hell breaking loose.

Why must we fume and fight?

Why must we kill each other?

Why can’t we feel safe in our homes?

Why can’t people walk or drive

Down the street, without being harassed,

Without being shot at?

It’s crazy! What is wrong with people?

I don’t get it. Our world is not well,

And it is not well with my soul.

Is there still freedom in this world?

Some of my friends would say,

You are free because you’re white.

That may be true, to a certain degree,

But I am a prisoner of my own mind,

My own creation, my own upbringing,

My family, my schooling, misinformation,

Prejudices, confusions, delusions.

In this world, there are many types of prisons,

And the greatest prison

Is in one’s own mind.

I am trapped in my own mindset.

Ha! You’ve got it easy, I hear you say.

Maybe I do, maybe I do.

But we all carry demons.

We all have shame.

We all feel guilt, for something.

I am embarrassed by things

I hear, people of my race,

Acting cruelly, violently, recklessly.

People have lost their minds, I swear.

Not Immune

Think as I type, I tap to a tune,

Wish I was immune to all the flack,

While you wack me for my snack

I just have a knack for eating,

You understand. So back on track,

To get a clue, I’m in the mood

To be quite rude, but hold my tongue,

Of course, cause I’m the type to spare

A life, not take one, especially for fun.

Are you numb? I wonder, sometimes.

Let’s get real. We can have a meal,

And talk it over, be like friends,

Even in cruel weather.

We can be as close as mates,

If we put away the fire and stakes.

Let’s be true to our best values,

Not the ones we get off issues.

Let’s topple all the hassles.

We can skip the loop and lassos.

Are you new to being hassled,

Or have you been there in the satchel?

Rough reviews will hurt one’s knuckles.

Winging it comes out all typos.

So, what’s the point in all this hot air?

We don’t need a rerun, not anywhere.

Give if you can, but not if you can’t.

Maybe a little, but not a rant.

Sink your battleships real quick.

Hope for just a bit of luck.

Lone birds are better than earlies,

But not if you are stuck with hurling,

Curling, stealing or kneeling.

Do the thing we all will do.

It comes natural, it’s real cool.

Be yourself until the end.

Keep your temper, then press send.


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