Moving to the Sound of Our Souls

Contortionist movement

Deep down in my soul

Rises to the surface

Like a scary troll.

Bias and predeliction

Hang in a balance.

Tipsy-turvey intentions

Keep my feelings askance.

Self-awareness is a necessity

In this messed up world.

So common for us to fool

Ourselves into a heady swirl.

Lackadaisical temptations

Come with the territory.

American pastimes

Of sitting idly by.

We must stir ourselves

Into movement for change.

Summoning up the courage

To light a flame.

Can we find our true path

Amidst the thorny brush

Of lies and deceit

Coming to us in a rush?

A decision must be made

To follow through.

A commitment to reach

As high as the moon.

Discouraged as we are

From where we stand,

We must summon the courage

To rise higher than

Those gone before us,

As strong as they stand.

And far as we see

To a promised land,

Never looking back

With second thoughts.

Never wondering

With shoulda’s and nots.

We have a calling

To change this world.

It is now we must act,

In this fertile soil,

Full of manure

From all the B-S.

We must turn the tide

And clean up the mess.

Follow your dream,

Ye bold apostles!

Make the world clean,

By flexing your muscles.

You have the passion.

You know the truth.

The only thing left

Is to start to move.

The road that is laid

Right before you,

Is surely full of danger,

But I implore you,

Don’t stop now,

While you are ahead!

Never surrender

To the doubts in your head.

Stick to the plan,

As long as it takes.

Your efforts make a difference

To the human race!


Darkness. A fuzzy, twisted, cloudy vision

Of today, yesterday and tomorrow.

What has happened, really?

Was it painful? Was I trapped, abused,

Tortured? Was it someone

That I deeply trusted? Do I still trust?

Where, when, how do I move on?

Life is hard, sometimes.

Summoning up the courage

Just to get out of bed,

Take my meds, face the world

One more time.

It’s a daily struggle.

Telling the truth,

No matter how difficult.

Facing the stigmas,

Pushing through all the social challenges,

Twists and turns of conversation,

Unrealistic expectations, doubts,

Skepticism, discrimination,

Hatred, condescending comments.

“Oh, but you just need to pray about it.”

“You just need to talk to a counselor,”

“Go to church,” “Get in God’s Word,”

“Repent from all your sin.”

Dementia, delusion, paranoia,

Nightmares, fear, discouragement.

It comes from all sides.

It closes me in. Can I make it through?

The lies bombard me

From every direction.

So hard to see the truth.

Damn, it is a hard road to tread.