Have You Judged Me Lately?

How do you explain the unexplainable? How do I describe how something can be so true to me, even while it is a lie to you? Or perhaps, how something that seems so real to me at one time, years later can be a lie to even myself? Beliefs are a crazy thing, but doubts can be just as crazy, really. To one person, they both can seem very rational, but to another person, or even that same person, years later, they both can seem completely irrational.

Skeptics, of which I am one, can be very angry, or they can have a great sense of peace. Believers, of which I am one, can be very angry, or they can have a great sense of peace. I have a mix of both, like everyone else. Many things, I can be quite angry about, while others, I have a great peace about. On some days, even some parts of a particular day, I can be quite angry. And on other days, or other parts of another day, I can have a great sense of peace. Like some of my writings (not this one), my life is a collage of sorts. It is a mix of very different things, that when presented together, present a complex picture of a complex existence, which is how everyone is. No one can be summed up in one word. Everyone you meet is a very complex individual, unique, different from everyone else. Even people who have much in common, and who may present themselves as very similar to those around them, when you really get to know them, you see that they are indeed complex, just because no two people’s lives are exactly the same, and we all have a unique and interesting story to tell.

Although I know that I am as guilty as anyone else at doing it, we all could use to judge each other less for our similarities or differences, and more for our character. Less for our superficial selves, and the superficial categories that we conveniently place each other in, and more for who we are deep down inside. I hope that one day we all will see how knowing each other this deeply takes more than a lifetime. I hope that one day we will accept how impossible it is for any of us to be able to justifiably sit in judgement of another person. Really, think about how hard it is for any of us to know another person that well. Think about how we can still be surprised about someone that we thought we knew so well. We really don’t know how capable each of us is of doing so much evil, or so much good.