A Quiet World in Motion

Attractive is not talking, for me.

It is keeping silent, without hostility.

Friendly is not talking, for me.

It is listening, with empathy.

Peaceful is not talking, for me.

It is being alone, without loneliness.

Activity is not action, for me.

It is thinking bold thoughts.

So, where does this take me?

Into a world full of dreams.

A world on the brink of something big,

Shaking the foundations

Of what we call normal.

Questioning everything.

Lifting up those

Who have been forgotten.

Loving the unlovable.

Caring about the underprivileged,

Who have a lot to give.

The disabled who may be quite able,

In their own way.

Recognizing the quiet voices,

Who deserve to be heard.

Why not?

Wouldn’t the world

Be a better place for it?

I think so.