Walking in a circle.

Ranging to be relevant.

Curious comments leave one

Lacking in insight.

Talking to the wall.

Telling secrets of the talents.

Tangled in a triumph.

Believing lies galore.

Cackling on a mountain.

Bounding part of grieving.

Balanced by the water.

Backed to the beaks.

If the walk is long,

Jack a telling fact-urge.

Bring the reaching jangle.



Solid shaking smooth triumphs

Rewind angel loop raw beeping

Leveled tangles lovely toward

Look leave sweep beloved loud

Part slick dueling backward tall

Belief talking swore  shallow

Blink separated bringing peek

Swiped smear s’mores rearrange

Mares slinging reach wrong

Rotate leaks lifting lounge leaped

Walking weaved morph sliding

Swallow tall squawk brave mouth

Plucked pound mock lacked part

Wrought milieu smock lad rank