Trusting My Reality

I don’t see him.

But I can feel him.

I am aware

Of his existence.

I am changed by him.

When I interact with him,

I sense that it he real.

How can I be sure

That he is not

A delusion?

How can I be sure

That he is not a lie?

I must trust my own perceptions,

My own intuition,

My own reality.

After all,

When you reduce life

To what it’s all about,

Where we get its meaning,

That is really

All we have to rely on.

What is true for me

May not be true for you.

My reality

May not be your reality,

And that’s okay.

We just accept it,

And move on.

Why dwell on our doubts?

Why question

What, for us,

Seems so real,

Just because

It is not real

For someone else?

We don’t have to

Prove ourselves

To anyone.

We don’t have to

Compare ourselves

To each other at all.

We just need to

Love each other

For exactly who

We present ourselves to be.

I am who I say I am,

As far as you are concerned.

Let’s just move on.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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