Liberty and Justice for All (Really)

Why should anyone

Bend or bow?

Why do they have to


These crazy hoops

The establishment

Creates for all of us,

The silly rules,

The ridiculous laws,

The absurd regulations.

They only serve

The very few.

Do most people

Really care?


Most people

Do not benefit

Or have any

Interest in these

Stupid excuses

For harassment.

Those who do

Are not the majority.

Let’s get rid

Of all of it.

Let’s stop

Playing God

With people’s

Everyday lives,

People’s precious time,

People’s private spaces.

These should be

Off limits.

If it doesn’t really


Why keep this stuff

On the books?

Privilege is wrong.

Discrimination is wrong.

Harassment is wrong.

That’s what should

Be outlawed.

That’s what should be




And penalized


Let’s wake up

And fix

Our terribly


(In)Justice system.

Let’s turn things around,

And make our country

Into a land

Where dreams come true

For every citizen,

Not just

The privileged few,

The rich,

The powerful,

The white.

This has to change.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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