Is It Really What You Believe?


What does that mean?

Seems it’s gotten torn, and crushed,

Manipulated in the extreme.

Does it mean discriminate,

If you are the privileged religion?

Does it mean murder,

If you are against

What one person chooses to do

Inside their own body,

At a health care facility?

Does it mean denying

Someone’s legal right

To publicly affirm

Their love and commitment

For someone who

Is very special in their life,

And grasp the privileges

That most of us take for granted?


Why does belief

Have anything to do

With all this?

What really justifies

These obviously immoral actions?

Why do so many

Delude themselves

Into thinking

It is okay?

Let’s choose love, instead.

Let’s choose freedom,

Equality, tolerance, compassion.

Imagine yourself

On the other side.

Imagine how you would feel,

What you would think,

What you would do,

If people took away your choices,

Just because of their beliefs.

Doesn’t it seem silly,

Crazy, horrific, sad, shocking,

Doesn’t it seem so wrong?

I think if you’re honest with yourself,

You can see these truths,

You can see the light

That you fool yourself

Into thinking that you already see

Just because of what you believe,

What you claim

Comes from a God

Who surrendered his powers

In every way, except to love.

That is what you should believe.

Perhaps, you should think again,

And stop using

What you believe

As an excuse.

Perhaps, it is not really

What you believe, after all.

It is a delusion,

Passed on for many years,

Accepted without question.

It is a lie.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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