Something Creeps

Something creeps,

It crawls on me,

It plagues my brain,

I am uneasy.

Something near,

Quite too close.

It hurts my heart.

I’m just morose.

Such a thing

Hangs like a noose.

I’m dangling.

What does it prove?

Have I a care?

I wonder why.

It hurts to think.

It blinds my eye.

Such thoughts are hard,

Harder than stone.

They weigh a ton,

They are no fun.

Why must they be,

To follow me

Into the night

Where I can’t see?

I don’t like it,

No, not at all.

It seems like it

Will hurt to fall.

That’s really not

A pleasant thought.

Do you blame me

For trusting naught?

Perhaps, I live

Too carefully,

But I am cautious,


Because I’ve suffered

At the hands

Of reckless persons

In this land.

I will worry,

When I’ve cause.

I will take

The time to pause

At the merest

Hint of threat.

Do you balance

With no net?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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