Resist, fight for whatever,

Equality in all its forms,

Straight ahead, fumes and foreigners,

Flowing, crying, foreseeing, contemplating.

Combining messages. Foretelling.

Do you describe me? Can you see

The silver lining of the elephant in the room?

A costly guess, a rheumatoid arthritis

In the brain, coming from deep in the bowels.

A little prophecy. A lengthy diatribe.

A teaching from a cloud.

Seeing through the false claims,

The criticisms, the confusion,

The not-so-clear explanations, justifications,

Defenses and attacks.

Nicely done. Not so.

Knowledge in a bottle.

Jolly harbor hype never below bites

Behind below before beer name

Battle clip kill crap kick mock move

Mill wipe yell whip wall wallop ripe

Rip beneath slip swallow never nip

Muster sweep mail wrong rip vamp

Ramp recess sip raid twice ship grow

Hello front went slip twerp zoom wet

Front height grapple flaunt miss want

Press knock lock walk jump tramp trip

Miss mass muster ward veer zoom gelatin

Brunt blow cross broken whisper mop

Crest flip west exam blimp post pest

Brunt dump drunk crimp plot plant print

Flaunt front triumph freeze cream kneel


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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