The Path to Peace

Grieving in silence,

I hear the sound,

Of all the people

Crying out.

The innocent man

Is killed in the street.

The infant child,

Is blown off his feet.

I want to tell

You how I feel,

But I’m afraid it won’t

Help to heal

All the hurt,

The dangerous woe,

The pain and torment

From our foes.

Wouldn’t you

Like to be

Free of stress,

Feeling free?

Oh, the time

Has certainly come

To shut the door

On death that roams.

We must find

A middle way

That works for all,

Or we will pay.

All of us

Are at risk.

The war will come

With guns and fists.

I don’t want

To see the end.

I want us all

To be friends.

So, let us not


Let us love

All girls and guys.

We can be

The best of friends

If we try

To make amends.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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