The “Multi-verse”*

*The following poem came to me after reading the proposal of the rudiments of a scientific theory of the creation of life by Matthew Heiman 

Was there ever an instant

When time started?

Does time ever stop?

Does the universe recycle?

Can our existence be reduced

To the creation of oxygen,

Water, ice, a vacuum,

And the energy in a supernova?

These are ideas,

But ideas can start a revolution.

Can our small minds handle it?

Perhaps, my friend is correct.

I don’t know.

These ideas are too complex

For my small mind.


Like in the time of Galileo,

We all need to open our minds

To the possibility that

We are confused,

We are small-minded,

We have been deceived,

We have been wrong

About things that we feel

So sure about,

Things we have been taught

All of our lives,

Things that we’ve struggled with,

Over and over,

But in the end,

We’ve resigned our minds and wills

To what we’ve seen as undeniable,



Have we resigned ourselves

To something, someone,

Whom we cannot bring ourselves

To do without?

Have we resigned ourselves

To God?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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