Mapped a way.

Get there somehow.

Got to get through.

Get there some way.


Holding on.


On what I hold dear.


To the last of my sanity.


In the zone.


When I can.


With my friends.

Making ends meet.

Paying bills.

Cooking meals.

Getting up on time.


It’s a funny thing.

It means

So much to us.

So important.


Pay checks.

Fitting in.

A day’s work.

Taking a vacation.

Getting sick.

Leaving for a little while,

For appointments,

Running errands.

We want to do what’s right.

We want to please our boss,

At least most of the time.

Jumping through

The hoops they make for us,

Biding time (there’s that word again),

Until we can go home,

To do what we want,

What really matters to us.

The comfy, cozy stuff.

Let us go home.

Let us be safe.

Let us be with the ones we love.

Let us have time to be ourselves.

Let us have more time.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

2 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Yes that is my hope to spend more time with my brother Stephen. To spend more time doing the things I Love instead of duties and obligations. Hopefully in a few years I will retire and that dream will come true.

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