What if I could not say hello to you?

What if we couldn’t have sex?

What if we couldn’t go to church on Sunday?

What if we could not work?

There are so many possibilities,

So many freedoms that we all

Take so much for granted.

I am as guilty as anyone else.

We have it so good in our country,

Though there is always

Plenty of room for improvement.

Right now, there are many injustices

Present for many people.

The mistreatment, and, sometimes,

Even murders of black citizens

By police officers is a concern;

Another is the mass deportation

Of Hispanic immigrants;

And the unequal pay and

Lack of promotions for women;

And the exploitation of student loans;

And the influence of big business

And the extremely wealthy in politics;

The list goes on and on.

These are some of my concerns.

I’m sure you have plenty of your own,

And they may be the same,

Or they may be very different.

Perhaps you are concerned

About the use of abortion;

Or maybe, same-sex marriage;

Or the welfare state.

We all have our priorities.

We all value different things,

And, perhaps, they are two sides

To the same coin.

It’s what makes our country great.

But, I wonder,

Can our country withstand the strain

That it is under?

So much conflict!

So much stress on our daily lives.

Can we make it through

The crucible of our greatest strength,

But perhaps our greatest weakness:


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

2 thoughts on “Democracy”

  1. Democracy can, should and will work if we all play our part. Apathy is the greatest enemy of Democracy. The church Black, white, Hispanic and Asian, the Occupy Movement and other progressives must join forces and make our government accountable. After all it does say “We the People.”

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