Hot dog grill smoking potato salad baked

Beans Coca-Cola watermelon vanilla ice

Cream fried chicken macaroni salad

Apple pie corn casserole broccoli salad

Baseball popcorn peanuts horseshoes



Plaque shower trip container smooth

Apple bear tennis skyscraper lawn elm

Police Cadillac seeking meal macaroni

Halo leopard dessert tasty realm vase

Moses taken baste banana bastion Mars


Pushing through the air,

Like Saran Wrap, it clings

To my tongue.

Gripping the hands on the clock

With the edges of my mind.

Rolling my body out

Onto the edge of an abyss.

Looking down, my reflection

Is captured, and swallowed whole.

Swinging back and forth,

Sitting on a pendulum.

Counting the echoing ticks

Of the grandfather clock.

When will I be free

From slavery to time?