What is it?

Do you know the secret to meaning the touch of a loved one the scratch of an itch the summit of achievement the making of a goal the passing of a class a kiss on the cheek the receiving of a certificate or a diploma the finishing of a book the front of the race the top of the heap it’s all the same a silly crap shoot in the dark what is it?

Waffle House for lunch

Eat ate waffle house love not overdone eggs

Basically fried and chopped up, not scrambled

Waffle was good, but hers was overcooked.

Ham was good, but overcooked. Did I say that?

Many people there but service was quick and

Friendly. In and out in about a half hour. Good

For lunch on a weekday. Went there around 11:15

On a Friday. got back to work before noon.


The inner message truth culminates in the boat dock wave anchor tied to the ground sunken treasure. Sharks travel to swimmers where there’s blood. Please remote gone table scout inability richter scab jumble tied loose pound spicy table wing miracle year smooth venison angle album roost reenact powerful tempting

Wading across a boiling pool of volcanic lava

Wading across a boiling pool of volcanic lava, I realized my salvation in the tuna salad sandwich that closed in around me, chomping it’s metal jaws in time with the rock anthem, “We Will Rock You”. I traveled to the candy store at the grand opening to the opera house in Chinatown. On the way I came across a great white shark that was selling Nike tennis shoes to children.


Living is good. Living with wishing grows old. Wondering is confusing. Caring is nice. Downtime is a relief. Little ones are cute and sweet. Unhappy little ones can be stressful, crying and screaming and all. Cold takes its toll. It can be overwhelming. Sometimes I just want to get under a warm blanket and go to sleep. Sometimes rest is what I need. Honestly, I’m not lazy. I just get anxious when things are busy, or crowded, or loud. I like to have my old dog or my chubby cat cuddling with me. I’m starting to get old too. My idea of a good time is not as excitingly sounding as it used to be. I like a comfy chair and a good book. A hot iced cinnamon sweetbread is nice too.