Christmas Wish

Pretty presents

Faces glow


Falling snow

Being good

Is every little boy’s

Solemn goal

Being sweet

Every little girl’s

Ultimate dream

Have a party

Invite your friends

Make merry and drink a toast

To a wonderful year

Call your mom

And visit your Dad

Make a pie

And then a ham

Cool it well

Eat before it gets cold.


Journey of Comfort

Black dots scattered in the air,

Above my head, folding in.

Red pieces of clay, stuck to my shoe,

Covering footprints, hovering around me.

I want to go on a journey,

Without leaving home,

Without sacrificing what is familiar to me.

I want to meet you

In a jungle, beside a river,

Closing my hands together,

Above a campfire, singing

Familiar words

To a familiar tune.

Freedom is my goal, but

Comfort is my preoccupation.

Can I have one,

Without losing the other?