Spirit in the Wind

Laying on the grass,

I summon your spirit back to me.

Can you feel the blast

Of the chilly winter wind?

Come with me to the end

Just wind up your mind

And let it all go.

Do you feel the change of pace

Echoing through this silly place?


As I Am

Empty screams echo off the walls

Of my simple soul, at night. It crawls.

The weeds from my garden

Creep up my legs. They twist around

My knocking knees. I count the cries

I hear in my head. I can’t imagine

What’s filled me with dread.

I don’t know if I’m alive or dead.

Give unto me some wine and bread.


Do you know the way out of the cave?

The skyscraper is starting to wave.

What sign are you? Do you know mine?

How have you been, my valentine?

Reaching for touch,

I bask in the light.

Starting to whimper,

I’m scared straight.

Look for another reason

To tell you just what I’m feeling.

I don’t care what the point is.

I want to be forgiven, so I’m righteous.

Drinking something from the fruit.

Dipping my toes, they start to soothe.

Japanese jungle gyms jangle freely

On the freeway of love, don’t ya know.

How many candy bars does it take

To bridge the gap between your lip

And my teeth, with an orange peel

In between, and chopsticks in my hand?