My Day (in little blurbs)

Today I woke up and ate a pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookie then I went to Walmart then I ate Mexican food then I came home and laid on the couch with my cat, Zeeb.

Today I ate a chocolate chip cookie then I laid on the couch with my cat.

Today I went to Walmart.

Today I ate lunch at La Fiesta Mexican restaurant. Then I laid on the couch.

What did you do?

Back to Zeeb

Today I woke up then I got dressed then I brushed my hair then I went out to the kitchen and ate a banana. Then I made some coffee and filled a glass with water and took my medicine then I ate a pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Nothing like nutrition, right? Later I went to Walmart with Jackie and Bonnie then we went to La Fiesta for lunch then we came home. Later I made some decaf coffee and laid on the couch with my cat, Zeeb.

A Less Than Perfect System

What if what we’ve been taught is good is really full of flaws? Every human institution is full of humans, after all, and humans are full of flaws. And then there’s systemic flaws like bigotry and xenophobia that judge and legislate and institutionalize oppressive and exploitative structures and groups and rules and policies that hurt minorities and foreign countries and third world organizations. What if the church and the government and the military and the police and the schools and the judiciary and the prisons are so full of flaws that they can’t be redeemed by human effort? Will God intervene and make them better? I won’t hold my breath for that. and of course books and speeches and television shows and movies and works of fine art and conversations ad nauseam are full of flaws. Christians would call it sin. Everyone knows that we are all as individuals less than perfect.

Unpoetry in a Nutshell

Writing is writing honestly prickly going off on it them writing is creative and describing too you must look closely and never repeat unless you must so far so silly you must only go so far as the next word to choose you must not worry about the beginning or the end but just jump in and start that is a beginning in itself. Before you choose you must say to yourself it doesn’t matter where this goes only that it goes and don’t repeat because the only thing that is for sure is change. There is no meaning in a string of unrelated words other than the choice of each particular word it matters in itself yes but there is no syntax only random only absurdity no meaning but in each isolated choice of a word without making meaning in a sentence only in each word that’s it that’s the only step to avoid meaning that is the meaning what’s on your mind selected unrelated meaning only related sounds and appearance of words a collage of words no patterns just a smorgasbord.