Care Bear in Chief

Our president is a jerk.

Things he says make me smirk.

Our government is shot.

But a boost on the move

Is coming up smooth.

All these women taking over

Can only be improvement.

Just a CEO

Of the country

Is what we need.

Someone who really cares

About the people

Who live in this great country

That sometimes seems

Not so great.

Perhaps a woman

Can do the trick.

Perhaps someone

A little different,

Perhaps someone comfortable

In the lead

Or just working

Behind the scenes.

Maybe someone will turn up

Who isn’t a jerk,

Maybe someone who won’t smirk

At the mere mention

Of a little work,

A little heart,

A little dirt.


Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of th...
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A student of law.

A seeker of justice.

A fighter for unity.

A man of dignity.

Lonely, in darkness,

Harrowed by demons,

Drained from the fight,

On the edge of sanity.

A Christian believer.

A martyr for the cause.

An honest gentleman.

A warrior for the truth.

*United States President Abraham Lincoln