The Underside


Southern flair hides the truth.

Mangled reputations build from the gossip.

Turncoat private comments, issue it in.

Lies shown from the underside,

Heat up the relationship,

Until it burns to a crisp, then falls to nothing.

I like the atmosphere, it’s comfortable,

To a point. Nature is beautiful up here.

Hills and oak trees sway my soul to relax.

I wonder sometimes, how I am deceived,

But sooner or later, it shows its face.

I like it still, for some reason.

Am I the same? Sometimes, I wonder.

Sure, I lie, I am two-faced in desperation.

Walking through danger,

I am like everyone else.

Can I prove myself,

To challenge the status quo?

I hope so. I want to be different.

We all have our weaknesses, I guess.

So, what is yours?

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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