Love. Leisure. Emptiness. Somber.

Yearning. Wishing things were different. 

Hand in hand. Holding your heart

Close to me. Spite. Bitterness.

Laughing. Loneliness. But,

A balance comes with age, with wisdom.

Time helps you handle life’s ups and downs.

Real. Genuine. Grasping all the parts

That we experience. Biting a bit, giving.

Treasuring all of it. Allowing everything it’s place.

Accepting. Moving on. Wondering what will come next,

Enjoying the adventure, the unexpectedness of it all.

Making plans, then canceling them.

Changing your mind. Commitment.

Staying true to yourself. Hanging in there.

Being there. Helping. Doing your part.

Hoping. Dreaming. Staying. Sorting it out.

Loving life, no matter what happens.

It is all part of it. It wouldn’t be the same

Without every part. Thankful.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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