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Naming things brings
Peace to my heart.
Claiming people
Pushes them apart.

Do you dare,
And do you dare?
Pushing people
Into boxes

Causes trouble
For the bourgeoisie.
Claiming I’m from Texas
Wouldn’t be honesty.

Let us make a plan.
Something carefree!
Let us kick the man
To the curb, icily.

Let’s have fun!
Let’s make a pun.
Let’s go far!
Let’s be who we are.

Do you understand
What I contemplate?
Do you dream at night
Of what could be your fate?

We are a team,
You and me.
We tip the servers,

We give a clue
To the angel crowd.
We cheer for you!
We yell really loud!

“So, what is the point?”
You ask.
Take a swig
Out of my glass.

I will tell you plain,
If you do the same.
Run to me right now.
Then I’ll tell you how.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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