Rainbow children
Descend on the empty town.
Looking for a river
Where coolness abounds.

“Let’s play!” say the simple folk.
“Let’s live for today!”
What we do and where we’re from
Doesn’t amount to much at home.

Let’s act the way,
We would like others to.
Let’s love each other,
Tried and true.

Let’s be a great big family
Let’s sing “ring around the rosy”.
Let’s take care of all the little ones.
Let’s be silly and carefree.

Why don’t you tell me your story?
Why don’t you sit down?
Have a drink and stay a while.
Soak in all the hope,

Faith and love surrounding you
In this little room.
Grab ahold and I’ll pull you up,
Then you can go to bed and

Sleep it all off.
Shall we be who we’re meant to be,
Or should we be someone else?
I think I’ll just be me.


Come Out and Sweat


Crossing paths with giant gnats
Is not the vacation I hoped for.
Scratching bug bites,
Rubbing sore feet,

Camping is not
What it used to be.
This is Florida,
And it is hot!

Sleeping bags are thrown aside,
And blankets are never needed,
Unless you camp up near my house,
Where weather isn’t tepid.

So come out and play
With the family!
But if you go to Disney,
Be prepared to sweat!