To Be Happy


Hello, I am happy.
Well, maybe not.
I wonder,
What would it take?

Dreams come and go,
But sometimes one is special.
Sometimes you hold onto that dream
For a long, long time.

What would it take?
Since I am a dreamer,
There have been many
Over the years.

Back in high school,
I wanted to be a diplomat,
A peacemaker between nations.
Now I speak of peace to my readers.

In college,
I had several crazy ideas.
Everything from being a lead singer
Of a rock band (that started in high school, actually),

To teaching students how to write.
Now I teach by example,
Writing on a computer,
Sending my words into the infinite destination

Of the internet.
Perhaps, it will last,
And perhaps,
It will fade away, like most things.

More recently,
I dreamed of getting published.
Now, that, too,
Has come to fruition.

Even in the antiquated realm
Of the printed book.
A group anthology,
And soon, my own.

Here’s hoping for success!


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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