Miracles, Shmeeracles


Who’s to say,
What is right?
Who’s to say,
What is wrong?

If God really said
What is in the Bible,
Why doesn’t everyone
Follow it?

Think about it.
If a pillar of fire and smoke
Followed you through the desert
For forty days,

Wouldn’t you be afraid of God?
Wouldn’t you want to please him?
Are we so stubborn that we don’t get that?
Are we really like dumb sheep,

As it says in the Bible?
Moses had a burning bush (we think).
Moses saw miracle upon miracle.
It fits, that we should get the message from him.

But why doesn’t God do miracles anymore?
The disciples performed miracles,
So, don’t tell me it stopped with Jesus,
Since he was the Messiah.

The reason we don’t believe
Is because none of those miracles
Ever happened.

What are we left with?
A bunch of laws,
Many of which are so archaic,
That even practicing Jews don’t obey them;

Crazy preachers full of hot air;
An ex-killer with delusions of grandiose;
A paranoid schizophrenic who
Believed the world was coming to an end.

It’s a sad story, really.

What is the truth?
Why is it so hard to believe?
If God is omnipotent,
Why doesn’t he do something

So we can lay these rumors to rest?
Wouldn’t it be cool if Jesus beamed down
For a talk with the president?

If God wants us to take back America
For Jesus,
Why doesn’t he come down here
And open a can of whoop-ass?

If we’re going to do it,
Let’s do it right!

(I’m kidding, of course.
Don’t go out and kill anybody, okay?)