On Clouds

More sage wisdom from Anna Mosca. Thanks, Anna!



I’m not knowledgeable

on climatic changes

the ways the winds go

on high or low pressure

I didn’t keep my head on books

but clouds these I know

teaching us

how to be in life

the best ones are

those moving fast

giving no resistance

to life happenings

they follow whatever

wind that comes

you see them glory

and soon happily gone

busy dancing

life out

no time to pout – others

grow dark  and sit dense

giving headaches

to everyone

they build resistance

to any life change

no escape

the heaviness

they create

will break on us all



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Soul in the Margins

Great poem. So honest and sincere. I can sense the longing and sadness, yet also contentment and peace. Great job!



My soul is old as time itself
A thousand past lives or more
But this has never happened
Born in two worlds at once

Roots of damascene jasmine
Grow into eucalyptus leaves
A tree void of identity
A vine with no name

Nameless with no place
I’m a house with no land
I’m a mask with no face
Hovering in suspension

I have sailed the seas
Danced across the skies
The click clack of train tracks
Wanting a place to call home

But when I reached the West
They told me to go back home
So I traveled to the East
They asked me where I’m from

I am brown with skin of white
Belonging only on borders
Unable to return to the homeland
Foreign hands long for disposal

I’ll stand proud in the margins
With all those that are ‘other’
So let them blur the lines
and flood the…

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“Blessed Are You When…”


I was raised in the church, so I was taught that heaven is a beautiful place we go to when we die, because of the sacrificial death on a cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, whom Christians consider to be God’s one and only son. This is what most Christians are taught when they are children by the Christian education program that we in the church call “Sunday School”.

Since then I have struggled with several issues related to this teaching. First of all, if heaven is a place, then where is it? Outer space? Another planet? Another solar system? Another universe? In the book of Matthew, in Chapters 5, 6 and 7, what is often referred to as the “Sermon on the Mount”, Jesus makes some very interesting points about suffering, spirituality, morality, and heaven. I think some conclusions can be drawn about heaven in particular in Matthew 5:2-12, also known as “the Beatitudes”.

Jesus uses the phrase, “Blessed are you when…”, followed by several scenarios of suffering, which are then followed by rewards. Jesus covers a large amount of territory in these 11 verses. Such topics are as follows: “the poor in spirit”, “those who mourn”, “the meek”, “those who hunger and thirst for righteousness”, “the merciful”, “the pure in heart”, “peacemakers”, “those who are persecuted for righteousness”, and finally, “when people insult you, persecute you and say all kinds of false things about you because of me”.

So, you might be saying, what are the rewards? Well, the rewards are not what most people spend their time dreaming about. Jesus does not promise a new car, a new house, an expensive vacation, or winning the lottery. Instead, as Jesus is known to do, he turns suffering on its head, and points out rewards that are directly related to each type of suffering. They are as follows: “the kingdom of heaven”, “comfort”, “the earth”, “being filled”, “being shown mercy”, “seeing God”, “being called children of God”, “the kingdom of heaven” (again) and, finally, “a great reward in heaven”. So, there it is, again and again: “heaven”.

So what is this “heaven” exactly? These days I am more inclined to believe that heaven is not just a place that good people go to when they die, like so many of us are taught. I think heaven is more than that. I think heaven could be described as “another dimension of reality.” Now, I’m not talking here about having our minds blown by LSD, marijuana or peyote. I’m talking about something much deeper, something that penetrates every day, every hour, every minute, every second of our lives. And not just for those who are considered by some as believers, either. Heaven is a state of being, a way of seeing, an experience that can be tapped into at anytime, in any place, by anybody.

The trick, though, if you want to call it that, is that heaven can only be experienced by those who do God’s will. Now, I do not believe that this is only a select population, nor do I believe that you have to refer to yourself as a Christian. I think God is bigger than our petty religions that we create, the churches, temples, mosques and synagogues that we build, and all the rules we try to follow as if God is the Cosmic Santa Claus, and we want to make sure that we are on his “Good List”, so we can get lots of presents on Christmas morning.

I think Jesus challenges us to take a higher path, a more difficult path, but a path that gives rewards that are greater than we can ask for or imagine. In Matthew 5:44-45, Jesus makes an especially radical challenge: “…love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.” So, what is he getting at, here? Most of us, if we are honest, would admit that loving our enemies is something we cannot do, not without a lot of help, at least. And there it is. There is help, if you are willing to ask for it and accept it, no strings attached. Ask God to forgive you for all the ways that you fall short, every day, every hour, every minute, every second. Then, accept the life-changing, soul-freeing, everlasting love that God wants to give to each and every one of us. Perhaps, if we are willing, there is a “place” in heaven for every one of us.

Aborting Genius

True, so true. I took a few creative writing classes at FSU several years ago, and there is so much emphasis on following rules. Even my classmates were intolerant whenever I tried to do something different. Weird.

Poesy plus Polemics

"A Bit More Pressure Can be Good fro You" Painting by Alan Firmin From "Be Fearful of Mediocrity" at afirmin.com “A Bit More Pressure Can be Good for You”
Painting by Alan Firmin
From “Be Fearful of Mediocrity” at afirmin.com

exquisite raw feats of
sure genius
by uncommon autistic savants

serve to illustrate how much
pure genius
human intellect desperately wants

to unleash of potential
poor genius
starved by schools focused on the mundane

who will manage to damn well
cure genius
before it takes root in the brain

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This is a great poem. Love the art work!

Poesy plus Polemics

"Conflicted" Painting by Bob Brown From bobbrown.com “Conflicted”
Painting by Bob Brown
From bobbrown.com

glad and sad
tenants in conflict
share one room
one bed in my
studio brain
each awake when
the other is not
they have nothing
in common this
smile and these tears
no words pass
between them
I’m glad for that
otherwise I
would go crazy from
combative conflict
transferred from
their mutual bigotry
foisting their
chauvinist insolence
into my too often
cut apart heart
never healthy
enough to hold
properly fully
one simple emotion
but two such as
these oppositional
sentiments duking
it out oh my God
they would burst
through old stitches
scarred seams
would split open
and I would be left
neither peacefully
glad nor depressingly
sad just a sorrowful
sack cold and heartless

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Love is Cruel

Profound thoughts, as usual. Love is indeed not for the faint of heart. It rips us to shreds, then sits back and laughs until it cries.



O’ Seeker of secrets
Traveller of the untrodden path
Do not retreat in your footsteps
When you face the cruelty of Love

Love does not announce her presence
She forces you to seek door to door
Until you discover her hiding place
And understand her priceless worth

Love comes in the darkness of the night
Splashing water on those who sleep
This is when she undresses
Long before the rooster crows

Love ties knots inside your stomach
The Lover loses pleasure of food
For pleasures act as dusty veils
Blanketing the beauty of Love

Love carries an axe and hammer
Tearing apart all that you know
Your foundation must be broken
So you may be resurrected anew

Love has many stages
Blocked by obstacles of fire
Your dirt calls for purification
If you wish to climb her ladder

Love pushes you to your limits
That moment you scream no more

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Clash bang stifle swing
Drop dank doom dapple
Blood dip zoom rip
Tangle bow envelope

Tip swipe baffle whack
Cringe kick cleats quit
Running screaming
Hiding hoping praying

Giving sparing mercy
Mop clean wash sanitize
Heal suture thread close
Swallow drink cook heat

Wrap cover warm soothe
Peace generosity charity
Love blessing forgive
Friends enjoy justice.

California Notebooks, 2014

The worries of life draw us away from the things that really matter. Sometimes we forget about the simple things, the most essential things, as we struggle to deal with life’s daily distractions. Well said, Anna.



I’m formless yet

so worried about
doing and looking

forgetting the sweetness
of being alive forsaking

god somewhere on my
own map of events

duties and having to have
being liked and praised

endless strife if I could
just stop it a minute

to get – that craved
drink of fresh water

transparent and true
on the shore of


anna mosca copyrights 2013




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