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Naming things brings
Peace to my heart.
Claiming people
Pushes them apart.

Do you dare,
And do you dare?
Pushing people
Into boxes

Causes trouble
For the bourgeoisie.
Claiming I’m from Texas
Wouldn’t be honesty.

Let us make a plan.
Something carefree!
Let us kick the man
To the curb, icily.

Let’s have fun!
Let’s make a pun.
Let’s go far!
Let’s be who we are.

Do you understand
What I contemplate?
Do you dream at night
Of what could be your fate?

We are a team,
You and me.
We tip the servers,

We give a clue
To the angel crowd.
We cheer for you!
We yell really loud!

“So, what is the point?”
You ask.
Take a swig
Out of my glass.

I will tell you plain,
If you do the same.
Run to me right now.
Then I’ll tell you how.


To Be Happy


Hello, I am happy.
Well, maybe not.
I wonder,
What would it take?

Dreams come and go,
But sometimes one is special.
Sometimes you hold onto that dream
For a long, long time.

What would it take?
Since I am a dreamer,
There have been many
Over the years.

Back in high school,
I wanted to be a diplomat,
A peacemaker between nations.
Now I speak of peace to my readers.

In college,
I had several crazy ideas.
Everything from being a lead singer
Of a rock band (that started in high school, actually),

To teaching students how to write.
Now I teach by example,
Writing on a computer,
Sending my words into the infinite destination

Of the internet.
Perhaps, it will last,
And perhaps,
It will fade away, like most things.

More recently,
I dreamed of getting published.
Now, that, too,
Has come to fruition.

Even in the antiquated realm
Of the printed book.
A group anthology,
And soon, my own.

Here’s hoping for success!



Deaf ears don’t hear
The cries of the needy.
Proud minds judge harshly
The broken souls in our midst.

Do you know
What God is whispering?
That’s it.

That’s all you need to know.
Visit the suffering.
Feed the hungry.
Give to the poor.

Follow in the gentle footsteps
Of the Son of Man.
Help those around you
Who need it.

Be merciful.
Forgive those who hurt you.
Forgive yourself.
Forgive God, if you blame him.

Let us all be kind to each other.
Let’s create a peaceful world.
Jesus did not tell us
To turn the other cheek

Because it is weak.
Turning the other cheek
Takes great inner strength.
Loving your enemy

Takes a very strong person,
Someone who is filled with
The Holy Spirit.
Not many can do it.

Pray hard.
Love with all your heart.
Give good gifts.
Be the person God created you to be.