Prince of This World


Peel back the layers,
And what do you get?
Take away the iPhone,
The iPod, the big screen
Satellite television,

The Cadillac SUV,
The gourmet meals,
The dream vacations,
The bling bling.
What’s underneath?

Is your heart big or small?
Does your soul soar,
Up to the heavens,
Around the universe,
And back?

Do you dream big,
Or are you just focused
On spread sheets
And bottom lines?
Do you consider

Those less fortunate?
Do you always ask,
What’s in it for me?
Or do you wonder
How can I help?

What kind of a person are you?
Sure, you have power
Over life and death.
But can you heal?
Can you love?

Do you give of yourself
More than is asked?
Do you look for ways
To make this world
A better place?

When your friends are down and out,
Do they want to talk to you?
When they’re feeling low,
Are you there to lift them up?
Are you a good listener?

What are you really like
Deep down?
Below the flashy smile,
And the firm handshake?
What’s your story?

Can they trust you
With a secret?
Can they ask you
For a ride?
Will you look after

Their children,
If they die?
Do you show them respect?
Are you gentle?
Patient? Understanding?

If you knew
Their deepest, darkest
Would you still
Be their friend?

We forget
What’s really important.
We get distracted
With flashy, new toys.

We worry
About how we’ll get by.
We get obsessed
With our bank account.
Are you a person

After God’s own heart?
How much time
Do you spend
Loving others?
When’s the last time

You turned the other cheek?
Do you bless
Those that persecute you?
Do you pray
For your enemies?

Or are you really
A ruler of a kingdom?
Do you sit in judgment,
A prince of this world?

Choose wisely.