When something is not talked about,
We get the wrong idea,
That that something is very bad.

I’m realizing, now,
That there are things in my life,
Things about me,
That I have felt very ashamed of,

Because those things were not discussed,
Or, if they were,
That I was given the wrong message.

Now, I am coming to see
That some of my ways of thinking
And feeling are perfectly normal,
Even healthy,

When all these years
I’ve been afraid of them,
Feeling very guilty,
And thinking that there must be

Something very wrong with me
For me to have
These thoughts and feelings.
It’s really weird to realize one day,

That everything you thought
Was the truth,
Is a lie,
And that what you thought

Was bad, is really good.
So, where does one go from here?
I guess, like anything else,
I just have to take

One day at a time,
Slowly relearning
What is okay to think and feel.
It feels good to be set free.