What Can I Learn from You Today?

It is such a temptation
For Christians to think
That when they accept Jesus
As their personal savior,

That they have arrived.

There is nothing further
From the truth.

When we become saved,
It is just the beginning
Of a life-long process
Of sanctification,

A process that never ends.

We are only acceptable
In God’s eyes
As we are convicted with judgement
And forgiven with mercy.

That is, by God’s actions, not ours.

This is not a one-time,
Or even just a once-in-a-while thing.
Until we pass on from
Our present state of being,

That is, as a fallen creature,
Who is continually faced with
The choice of either doing
God’s will, or playing God ourselves,

We will be constantly dependent
On God for everything good.

Not only that,
But the very next minute
After God forgives us,
We are tempted into mischief again.

We never truly arrive,
Until we die.

So what can we boast of,
Except, that God is wonderful?

How can we possibly think
That we are any better
Than anyone else,
Or that anyone else

Is better than us,
Except God?

We do not have
A leg to stand on.
But we do have
A lot to be thankful for,

And a lot to be humble about.

So, let’s not divide ourselves
Into who’s right
And who’s wrong.
Let’s welcome all,

And appreciate all,
For how God is working in their lives,
Whether they are Christian or not,
For we are all God’s children,

Created in God’s image.

Nobody has a corner
On the truth,
And we can all learn
From each other,

Because God blesses
Each one of us uniquely.

Let’s focus not on
Who’s in, and who’s out,
But, instead, on
How each of us can contribute

To the greater good of all.

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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