What I Said

Hey, you!
Come here!
I want to ask you something.
What is your temperature?

When was the last time
You spoke in rhyme?
When did they say
You were okay?

Are you?
I beg to differ.
You seem quite not okay.
You seem on the edge.

Or maybe that was me.
I get confused sometimes,
Especially when I speak in rhyme.
So, go climb a tree.

Do you see me, carefully?
Do you feel the waves of the sea?
Are you happy?
So come with me.

Do you see the way to me?
Can you hear the tune I sing?
Are you here to knock my knee?
Is that exactly the right thing?

How do you do today?
Is this the day you come to play?
It will end upon the night.
Don’t even try to start a fight.

Let’s go now to the end.
It costs too much for me to spend.
Let’s connect the happy dots.
Then we’ll sit and start to rot.

What is here for family?
Do you see just what I mean?
The jungle gym will make you sing.
It will also make you lean.

Let’s cover up the tangled web.
Did you hear just what I said?
Are you coming now to bed?
I will stay here, turning red.

I will fill you up with lead.
You won’t know that you are dead
Until it hits you in the head.
Listen, now, to what I said.