An Open Window

Paint a picture
Of a life
You wish you had,
And see the color

Turn to black.

A vain wish
Can be toxic.
A seemingly “harmless” fantasy
Can take you down

The road to ruin.

Slipping out of reality
Is dangerous in itself,
But living in a world
Of detrimental dreams

Can tear your heart apart.

Take the more challenging,
But more rewarding,
Road of dealing with reality,

The here and now.

How is your life going?
What can you do
To make some improvements?
Little problems that call for

Little changes.

Simple solutions
To complex situations
Sometimes are the best.

“Keep it simple, Stupid.”

So, looking at your life today,
What do you have to be thankful for?
How has God blessed you?
Don’t just look at your issues.

Sometimes it takes more courage
To count your blessings.

And, although it is easier
To focus on the negative,
Looking at the good things
Will indeed make you feel better.

You may even shed a tear
In grateful relief.

Remember, as they say,
“When God closes a door,
He always opens a window.”
What window in your life

Is God urging you to crawl through?

Sometimes God speaks to us
Through the words
Of those around us.
Our family, friends and associates

That drop seemingly benign
Comments about us and our lives
Can be God’s messengers
In disguise.

So, what words of wisdom
Has God spoken to you lately?

He has told you that you
Are exactly where
You need to be,

Like it, or not.

Sometimes it is difficult
To accept this,
Especially if we are suffering.
But even our trials

Make us stronger.

And if we go even further,
And consider those around us,
What their needs are,
And how we can be there

For them, we find ourselves
In a refreshingly new place.

When we look beyond
Our own situation,
We open ourselves up

To a whole new world,
Full of promise and possibility.

And when we do this,
Our own problems don’t seem
So imposing.
Just ask yourself,

Who has God placed in my life
Whom I need to bless?

You might be surprised
At the miracles God can work
Through your open hands
And open heart.

So, go ahead:
Jump right through

That open window!

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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