Home Again

Laughing heals the heart.
So good to hang out with friends.
Meeting minds,
Followed by hearts in motion.

To connect,
To intersect,
In this crazy world,
Sometimes it seems like a miracle,

Just to get our schedules together.
I feel what you feel,
I’ve been there, done that.
I’m right there with you.

How many times
Do I look in the mirror these days,
And say to myself,
“Who is that?”

How did I get here?
When did I start
Looking like that?
Seems like just yesterday,

I was slim and trim.
Now, look at me!
I’m a blob!
It happens, I guess.

Part of getting older.
You lose muscle tone
And it all turns to fat.
That’s life, I guess.

You get distracted
By business as usual,
And lo and behold,

Where to now?
Decisions, decisions.
Lots to choose from,
But little choices to make.

Somewhere along the way,
Life takes over.
You are no longer
Captain of the ship.

Where it takes you,
Is anybody’s guess.
“Nobody knows
The trouble I feel.

Nobody knows
My sorrow.”
But with a little help
From my friends,

We can work it out.
So, what’s next?
Just wait and see
Where life takes you.

We all go home.
Somewhere along the line,
We come full circle.

It is then
That déjà vu sinks in,
And we wonder,
Haven’t I been here before?

It is the same face,
Same place,
Same time,
Same station.

We have sung in this key
Many times before.
It is an oh, so familiar tune.
And it’s good to be home again.