We Are Not Complete (Yet)

We are never completely saved,
Until we go to be with God.
Rather, we are constantly being saved,
God is working on us.

So, you can be momentarily saved
From one thing or the other,
Whether it be some type of trouble,
A bad habit, or any terrible sin.

But you are not completely healed
Of all your shortcomings,
And there is always the potential
For you to get into some type of trouble.

So, don’t get a big head,
Thinking that you are better than others,
Because God is constantly saving them, too.
It’s just God’s nature.

God reveals himself
To different people in different ways,
And God heals us
In his timing, not ours.

God will always be a mystery,
And there will always be things
That we do not know about God,
And about each other.

That is our nature.

We are incomplete.
That comes with the state
Of being human.
Without God, we are nothing.

We should wonder
At the amazing generosity
Of God, our redeemer,

The one who is redeeming us.

Let us all strive to be as
Generous as God is to us!

Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

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