Do you think
There is wisdom
To be gained
From the trees?

What kind of truth
Does nature speak?
What can we learn
From the world around us?

I would hope
I could grasp
The gentle voice
Of a trickling brook,

Or the booming shout
Of crashing waves
On a quiet beach
On a distant island.

How do we seek
Truth in the desert?
Do we need
To get away from it all

To hear the still, small voice
Of our Heavenly Father?
Perhaps, if we wait
In silence,

Resisting the temptation
To blare our favorite music,
Or watch our favorite tv show.
How is God speaking to us

At this very moment?

When I serve my brother or sister
In generosity,
Giving what I have,
And then giving a little more,

Do I see God in their face?

When I visit the prisoner,
Tend to the sick,
Feed the hungry,
Shelter the homeless,

Do I see God in them?

What can the immigrant
Teach me about my culture?
What can I learn
From the aborigine?

How will the Native American
Teach me about the universe?
How will I be humbled
By the former slave?

We all have truth
In our lives,
Learning from whom and what
We see and hear around us

In our everyday life.

What places have you been?
Where are you from?
What have you learned
From your ancient ancestors?

Wisdom and love
Are passed on to the next generation.
Gifts and truths shared
Through mutual respect

Bond us together,
And make us all stronger.

You have a special place
In my heart.
I pray for you
Every day.

For strength, for patience,
For wisdom, for love.

I know you will get through
This difficult time.
I am here beside you
Every step of the way.

Let us walk together
Into the future,
Holding hands,
And standing tall.

Let us bless the lives
That cross our paths.
Let us pray
For the broken-hearted.

When you are sad,
I am sad.
When you are lonely,
I am lonely.

I will carry your burden
Until the heavenly kingdom
Descends upon the earth.
Let us go there together.