Captured Lips

Captured cranky clothes pins
In angel garb on rye toast.
Sweater heads leave elbow twisters
Inside Fallopian dudes.

However you slice the repeat baskets,
The mane combs backwards.
Stalactites cover my inner rainbow
On African teepees with blender rips.

Ancient Batman reels quit couches,
But various cake slippers tangle.
Preventing toward trench apples
Is a nippy homestead tendril.

Wooing red X-ray vipers is close to
Happy manger arm bands.
Pictures puréed with peach dust
Wrap barf jam under cackle lips.

Lift Miss

Lift space ride zoom
Happy wrench retch
Lanky around table
Link orb tangle alive
Leave allowed lame
Rainbow angel teleport
Read yell amble kick
Elder alleviate cradle
Tangent tell lore push
Rely cleat crank seek
Semblance sword quick
Quarter speak prevent
Rank bell sweep send
Swat lick red marry
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