Sitting, dreaming,
Thinking of you.
Laughing, crying,
Hoping I’m through.

Want to be
With you soon.
Want to climb
Up to the moon.

Want to break out
From this hell.
Want to ring
My freedom bell.

Wishing that I
Could be free
From all the things
That imprison me.

Tired of crying
All the time.
Ready to be redeemed
From my crimes.

Don’t you want
To come with me?
Won’t you be the
Friend I seek?

It’s so easy
To be sad.
It is harder
To be glad.

I don’t care, though.
I am ready.
I will give up
All my teddies.

I’m a man
Who wants the best.
I desire
To take the test.

Heaven is here,
Ready and waiting.
Free for all,
For the taking.

Let’s all be
Our better selves.
Let’s put our sins
On the shelves.

We’re forgiven,
After all.
We can go out
And have a ball.

Let’s celebrate
This life with each other.
You are my sister
And my brother.

Now is a new day,
So take and eat.
Lay your burdens
At God’s feet.