The S.C.P.C. (Ch. 6)

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Stephen asked Katie where the center was, and Katie replied, “It’s Downtown, sort of. Kind of on the edge of Downtown. It’s not far, really. You’ll see.”

Stephen nodded his understanding, and they got on their bikes. Katie was right. It took about fifteen minutes to where they stopped, although it said the name of some big hotel above the entrance.

Katie said,”We get off our bikes here, but we bring them with us around the back.”

Stephen played along, so they went down the alley on the side of the building.  About halfway down, Katie did something that Stephen didn’t expect.  For some reason, there were two water faucets right next to each other on the building about halfway down the alley. Katie stopped when they came to them, reached out to the one one the left, and gave a turn to the right, and just as quickly, a turn to the left.  Stephen noticed that not a drop of water came out of that faucet.

“Okay, c’mon,” Katie said, and they kept walking.

When they got to the back of the building, Katie instructed Stephen to watch her, then do the same. Katie walked into the corner, opposite the building, and she lined up her bike with the edges of a metal platform. No sooner did she stop moving then the platform began to descend. This made Stephen a little nervous because he knew that once Katie was gone, he was on his own.  He thought for a moment of asking her if he needed to go back and turn the faucet again, but just when he was about to ask, she was gone!

Stephen stood there for a few seconds, then decided he better move, so he got himself and his bike up on the platform, positioning himself as close to how Katie had done as he could, and, sure enough, as soon as he stopped moving, the platform moved down.  When the platform sunk below the ground, Stephen heard a strange noise and noticed the sound of the motor for the platform had ceased.  It lowered for several moments, then silently came to a stop. Stephen had been in the dark for the trip down, but now that he reached the bottom, bright lightscame on overhead. With the lights on, Stephen could tell that some type of enclosure had risen from the floor below. The enclosure was solid black, surrounding the platform completely on all sides, reaching about ten feet from the floor, and provided the bright lights that were making Stephen squint his eyes.  He stood there under white lights for a minute, then the colors changed.  There was red, blue, green and orange, interspersed by a long minute of darkness.

Stephen searched his mind for any clue he had for what was going on, but the experience was such a shock that his mind was a blank. The lights went back to white, and then a voice came on what Stephen figured must be an intercom.  Stephen looked up in search of a speaker but couldn’t find one.  Finally he paid attention to the voice itself.It was a calm voice, with a friendly manner.  It was a male voice, and he knew Stephen’s name!

“Stephen, we apologize for the uncomfortable circumstance that you are in right now.  Unfortunately, we must take precautions before we allow anyone to enter our building.  The vessel you see around you serves two main purposes: to keep you safe, and to allow us to scan you for abilities that you may possess that are of interest to our organization.  It is only upon discovering these abilities that we feel it is safe for you and for us to allow you to enter these doors. So, we need to come to terms.  Katie has told us that you hear music and you get very complex ideas and solutions to complex problems.  Is this all true?”

“Stephen said, “Yes, what Katie said is all true, but I can’t control it nor do I know of any way of triggering my abilities to work.  It happens, just, anytime.”

“Well every now and then we do make an exception for a student with at least strong rumors of extraordinary abilities, a verbal consent and a willing sponsor.  We have received back several commentsfrom various credible sources about your abilities, obviously far from developed or honed to any real power, but, nonetheless, still strong.  Also, Katie has already volunteered to serve as a helper to you who will show you the ropes and be you teammate as you search your self, struggle to find the s0urce and direction of your powers, and eventually to shape  those powers into something that you can use to help yourself, your teammates and the greater humanity. You must understand that our permission to allow you in our facility is contingent on your attitude, behavior, and, most importantly, respect for the center and those that come and go in it.  And the first rule is: Do not tell anyone about the center without first having approval from the center.  This is simply to protect those who come here and so that they will feel safe to continue to do so.

Stephen sensed it was his turn to speak.  He said, “I promise to keep a good attitude, behaviour and respect for everyone in the center and for the center itself.  And I promise to do my best to find the source of my abilities and cooperate with my sp0nsor and my teammates, whomever they are, in a proper manner  that is appropriate to whatever rules the leaders of the center have set down for the good of all.

There was a brief silence, and then the door in the enclosure began to open…

Katie (ch. 5)

Psychic Chasms
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Stephen opened his eyes and then looked.  This girl was decked out in a pink and green striped shirt, brown shorts, and blue socks! She had auburn hair and hazel eyes.  Her bike was all pink.

“I’ve heard about you.  The music and the ideas. I’ve had similar experiences, as  have others.”

Stephen smirked. He had had doubts about his own experiences, but now this? Stephen never thought it would come to anything. Too strange, too “out there” for the average person.

Katie looked at Stephen very sternly.

“Stephen, there are people who are very interested in your visions.  The want to hear them, see them. analze them, predict them.”

“Predict them? What do you mean, predict them?”

“Well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First we need to go to the center.”

“The center for what?”

“The Supernatural Contact and Processing Center.”

So, does this mean I’m psychic or something?”

“It means you have a gift, that most people do not understand, perhaps even yourself.  These people are here to help. Are you willing to give them a try?”

Stephen hesitated for a second, then smiled. “I’ve got nothimg to lose!”

Musical Message (ch. 4)

Stephen didn’t make it far before he was spotted by a friend of his, Neil. Neil was an easy-going type who accepted Stephen for whom he was, not worrying about Stephen’s differences or criticizing him for them. Stephen slowed down to a stop next to Neil, who was standing in front of his house on the sidewalk.

“Hey, Stephen, what’s up?”

“Hi, Neil. Just goin’ for a ride. How ’bout you?”

“Just checkin’ the mail. How’s your summer goin’?”

Stephen was just about to answer, when suddenly the music in his head began to flow.  It was sort of a classical variety, with no singing.  Stephen just stood there, looking at Neil.  As usual, Stephen concentrated on the music above all else.  Neil stared back, at first wondering what was going on, then, being a close friend, he realized what was happening.  Usually it didn’t take that long, so Neil waited patiently.  He tapped his foot, kicked pebbles, then sat down on the curb.  Eventually Stephen came out of it.

“Sorry about that, Neil,” Stephen said.

“That’s okay.  Anything unusual this time?”

“No, just music.  Sometimes the ideas take a while.”

“I gotcha.  Well, you gonna’ be okay ridin’?”

“Yeah, I think so.  I’m not as dizzy as I am sometimes.  Probably bein’ outside.”

“Okay.  Then I guess I’ll see ya.”

“Okay, see ya.”

Stephen decided to head to the park that was nearby. He could sit and let the experience wash over him, keeping watch for any insight or inspiration that might come through after the music. When he got to the park, he locked up his bike, then  found a bench to sit and watch the nice view.  There  was a fountain in the center, and lots of  landscaped bushes and flowers all around.  There was a path, but  Stephen didn’t feel like walking right now. Sometimes Stephen would consider the patterns in the music, sometimes the feeling it gave him and sometimes pictures that went through his head when he heard the music.

city park fountain
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Sitting on the bench didn’t seem to be working for him, so Stephen got up off the bench, walked across the path and into the grass in front of the fountain. He layed down in the grass, hoping a change of perspective would do the trick.  Stephen closed his eyes and replayed the music in his head.  He was so focused, that he didn’t even notice someone walk over to where he was laying.

Suddenly, Stephen heard a voice say, “Hi, I’m Katie.”

Summertime (ch. 3)

A garden shed
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Stephen was glad that it was summertime.  Although he was smart enough for his classes, he always wanted to do things differently
than his teachers told him to do, so his grades were pretty low.  Also, sometimes the music in his head would distract him to the point that he couldn’t concentrate on anything.  When the music started, his mind was enraptured, totally held captive.  It was like a physical journey that took exertion and stamina.  But Stephen was not in control, he just had
to keep up.  Otherwise, he was dragged along in utter confusion.  If he paid attention to it, it led him to some interesting places.  And he got some of his best ideas after listening to the music.  He had talent,
it just didn’t fit in with the syllabus, or even the curriculum.


After mowing the lawn, Stephen decided to take a ride on his bike.  His dad made sure he always kept his bike in the shed in the back yard so it wouldn’t be as tempting to be stolen.  So, Stephen headed out the back door and into the back yard.  Luckily, his dad didn’t keep the shed locked, so Stephen opened the door without any trouble.  But then came the trick, because that shed was stuffed so full of “junk”, mostly woodworking tools and materials, that getting to Stephen’s bike hanging on the wall was always an effort.  Stephen had one thing in his favor, he was very tall for his age of fourteen.  With a little stretching and bending, he grabbed his bike and pulled it up and over all the junk.  Then he was on his way out of the shed, across the back yard, and through the gate.  All he had to do then was cross the front
yard.  He approached the street while looking both ways, hopped on his bike, and took off down the edge of the street as fast as he could.

Wild Solutions (ch. 2)

Second family of solutions for the concentric ...
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Stephen felt his feet getting a bit too hot and realized he had been walking a long time.  His turn toward painful memories had given him an even worse headache, and he decided to head back home. When he walked up the path to his door, his mother met him there and made a

crinched-up face before whining, “I told you yesterday that you were to mow the lawn today, and it’s getting hotter by the minute!” Stephen

wasn’t worried. Little things like this he could take in stride.  He said calmly”No problem, Mom, I’ll get right on it. I just need to change clothes.” His mom was satisfied and Stephen headed inside and down the hall to his room.

”My room,” Stephen thought, “the one place I can be myself.” Stephen looked up above his meager bed to what was tacked up on the wall above it: Plans. Plans to solve some pretty heady problems.

but it wasn’t just the problems. It was the solutions, the wild solutions!

Messages from Nowhere (ch. 1)

Fast musical notes on a music sheet
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The notes were repeating in Stephen’s head again. It was a torment he had come to accept. In fact, he had almost been swept away with
pride, picturing himself some kind of strange prophet, communicating with aliens or angels or something. The music did make him feel a little dizzy, though. Stephen went outside to take a short walk and get a little sun. It was still morning, so not too hot. He figured that the fresh air might clear his head some. When he stepped out of his door and onto the warm cement, he looked down and saw ants crawling all over  the place. He hated ants.  He put his hand to his forehead and felt several scars there that reminded him of what his eccentricities had cost him growing up. Teasing, fighting, injuries.  Being a little abnormal could be really inconvenient at times. Stephen remembered one time when he had really gotten his butt kicked after an argument over some strange idea he had. The other boy had repeatedly hit him across the face with a big, rusty can, then shoved his face into an ant pile. Stephen hurt and bled so bad that his mother found him crawling down the sidewalk back to his house.  She took him inside and tenderly nursed his wounds, some of which would become those scars he now felt on his head. It just didn’t seem worth it.  Stephen did have some good ideas at times, but socially, he was a slug.

The Sunday Whirl

Wordle 16

Bloom in Any Weather

Iron sunflower stands tall above all.

Greets the small and greets them

Well.  Metal monster sets the stage.

Not much paint, but who needs

Decoration when you stand in the

Wind and rain, tornados, too!

Creatures can’t invade your walls,

Except the ones that are real small.

A tower of strength sets the stage.

The power of age resides true power.

What it’s seen in all these years,

Older than any tree around here.



Mag 76

Magpie Tales



Did you taste that?

Dagwinkel foodstores fresh fruits & vegetables
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Mellow market adventure days,

Sweet and bitter smells both at once.

Looking for the fresh, but also the deal.

Familiar faces of all different races,

Just trying to make a living.

Squeezing, smelling, looking, tasting,

Hoping for that special food,

and where I live there is sweet potato pie

and sweet potato bread, scupanons and

mexican food I can’t pronounce (or spell).

There’s all kinds together in harmony.



Thursday Think Tank #60 -Market Days

From One to the Other

Let  That Feeling of Closeness Live For Ever...
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Bridge gap slow run leap fall free foam from

fee fan and drive dip deep dope damn dock mock

might more real see sap pat pour hype hop lip

breast feel high hat pose golf balls cream price

mat bop rice goop yonder yelp jack tat reep poll

gas rod wipe gape bell rope waste nanny hose

mop paw ripe fear tear jump camcorder gulf

heap help pelvis pour hike happy rate fat book

crush crash fish fight light loud hut freedom

lounge lap dance follow come hat swing swallow

legs near tip poise goat none fallopian tease two



Theme Thursday – “Bridge”


A lone van sits uncomfortably in the desolate ...
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Uncomfortably rich is such a drag when you’re

a bitch and fine and sexed. Cowboy haystack

humor runs for miles in the golden prairie.

Uncomfortable comes in paying those bills and

feeding those youngins.  Uncomfortable comes to

the suburban youth, laying in bed in the dark,

wondering if and when a desperate ghost will

find his way inside to pilfer gadgets and gold,

the trappings of success.  So many ways to find

uncomfortableness. Just pick a life.



Prompt #179 Uncomfortable

One Single Impression