It’s been almost three years since I was hospitalized for a major med change. Everything went really well while I was in the hospital, although I got into a friendship with another patient that wasn’t good for me. I would end up taking medical leave for an extended amount of time and then attempt to return to work. That didn’t work out, though. I ended up back in the hospital, and, when I got out I decided to leave my job on long term disability. I hired a lawyer to help me get approved for SSDI, and after a couple denials it went to hearing and I won my case. Since then I started taking classes at Lively Technical Center. I finished the program for legal administrative specialist but decided by the last class that I wasn’t completely sure that was what I wanted to do. So, this Fall I reenrolled at Lively in hopes of getting certified in Microsoft Office. I eventually realized I was only going to be able to get certified in Microsoft Word, as Excel was too difficult and I was feeling ready to finish with school and move on to a part time job. I plan to finish the administrative office specialist program in the Spring, and start looking for a job.


Care Bear in Chief

Our president is a jerk.

Things he says make me smirk.

Our government is shot.

But a boost on the move

Is coming up smooth.

All these women taking over

Can only be improvement.

Just a CEO

Of the country

Is what we need.

Someone who really cares

About the people

Who live in this great country

That sometimes seems

Not so great.

Perhaps a woman

Can do the trick.

Perhaps someone

A little different,

Perhaps someone comfortable

In the lead

Or just working

Behind the scenes.

Maybe someone will turn up

Who isn’t a jerk,

Maybe someone who won’t smirk

At the mere mention

Of a little work,

A little heart,

A little dirt.