A Peace Is Born Anew

Crying inside a hug,

We hold each other tightly.

Yesterday has left us

Without another loved one.

Soon the pain will wane,

Oh, but not completely.

Memories stay with us.

Time sifts the remains.

We have loved so deeply

Those that have passed on.

Behind there is a shadow

Of the spirit that lives on.

We still sense the power

Of their supernatural presence.

We still treasure time,

Lost in all the busyness.

Our grasp on them will loosen,

Leaving them to be free,

Without the bonds of the temporary,

Or the hurt of humanity.

They will no longer have to wait

For good to come their way.

The beauty of heaven and earth

Surrounds them every day.

And now upon reflection

We can see the beauty too.

We’re blessed with a revelation

And a peace is born anew.


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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