My Sweet Song

Moving around I hear a sound

I feel the breeze passing through me

I tighten my jaw I am completely raw

I don’t know what to expect no not yet

How can you say those things

They make my mind tingle with pain

Oh to be someone else to be a pulse

A bird’s brain to be a train

Oh to escape I’m always late to the party

I don’t understand how it gets out of hand

Every time I take a stand in rhyme 

It never ends I could spend eternity

Picking apart vocabulary to start and end

Right where I began it’s a vicious circle

A cycle of infinity so pretty

Don’t you wish you could return

To those things you earned

When you were strong in spirit and body

A melody a melodious song

From a tiny bird on a very tall tree

Don’t you wish you were somehow lovely

I do I wish it was true

I wish there was something real inside me

I wish I could be king for a day

A way of ruling over myself only

But I’m not in control I never was

I’m just a wuss I’m at the bottom

Of the food chain the top of the heap

I feel the rain falling heavy on my head

The bullets of lead inside instead

Then out the back the blood flows

No one knows what the future holds

We will be friends in the end

Don’t worry it will be okay my sweet


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger

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