Breaking Free


Breaking free
From what’s been done before,
Is no easy task.

To say something new,
Or to say it in a new way,
Takes courage.

To risk the scorn
Of naysayers galore,
Coming from every direction.

The worries can overwhelm,
If you let them.
But in order to break free,

One must be strong
In mind, spirit and body.
The toll it takes is significant.

To be sensitive is a gift,
But also a curse.
To be gentle, a risk.

For the world is not compassionate
To that lone voice,
Crying in the wilderness.

People can be cruel,
And they won’t think twice
Before mocking and insulting.

To be truthful
Is an aspiration that comes
With a cost.

Is it worth it?


Author: Gordon S. Bowman III

Writer, Visual Artist, Blogger, Advocate

2 thoughts on “Breaking Free”

  1. Is it worth it? Only the seeker can decide, but to remain stagnated is a choice that will kill both body and soul. We must fortify ourselves to bear the scorn, ridicule and mockers for personal freedom and to pursue our passions and dreams.

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